1. When will I  get  my trackinh number?

Your tracking number will only be available when your order has been shipped, this usually takes between 5 – 7 business days after production.

After that, with Standard shipping, we advise you to wait another 5-7 business days for shipping details to be updated on the tracking site.
With Express shipping, it will be less and within the expected arrival date.

To follow your order’s processing timeline, please check the email with the title “Order #ATBRR** fulfilled” that we send, which contains your tracking link.

2. How do I track my order?

Option 1: Click “Shipment Tracking” and provide your order information to check the order status.

Option 2: Check your fulfilled confirmation email to get the tracking number. You can check the tracking details with that.

3. Why has the tracking status not been updated? What should I do?

Tracking information may not be updated immediately for some reasons, such as:

– The tracking number has just been created. After being sent out, your tracking number will need up to 7 business days to be updated due to delays between the scanning process and the website’s updates.

– The package may not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near the destination.

– The package is in transit between the origin and the destination country. Once the package leaves the origin country the tracking information will not be updated until it reaches the destination country.

– The package arrived at the destination country. With international shipping, once the package lands in your country (destination), the tracking link will stop updating but it does not affect the delivery process.

However, if your tracking status has not been updated for over 10 business days, please contact us to be supported right away.

4. Can I change my shipping address or design options after placing an order?

Yes, within the first 2 hours since the order was placed, you can change your shipping address or design options (hair, color, quotes….) by yourself.

After that timeframe, please contact us via live chat so we can check it for you, as we can not guarantee that the design can still be edited.

Please keep in mind that any edit request after 6 hours upon approval of the order will no longer be allowed.

5. How do I  cancle my order?

You will have 2 hours after placing an order to cancel it yourself. Kindly check the order confirmation email, click “Track or Manage order” at the bottom and you will see the Cancel button there..

After this timeframe, if you wish to cancel or change your order details, please chat with us. A Customer Service representative will check and confirm if the order can still be canceled.

Please keep in mind that any cancellation after 6 hours upon approval of the order will no longer be allowed.


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