Inflatable Bumper Bubble Balls — a famous and world-popular game

Bumper Balls are Fun for all ages!

Bumper Balls  are inflatable air-filled bubbles that allow you to bounce, bop, run and roll over while playing “Bubble Soccer.”   You’ll laugh…get knocked over… and laugh even harder. You’ll be having so much fun playing that you might not even be able to focus on the actual soccer part. Anyone can play, no matter your age, gender, or sports-playing skills.

Giant Human Hamster Balls are the perfect addition to any adult or kids birthday party, company team building event, fundraiser, festival or special event. You’ll get inside a giant inflatable ball and run, flip, bounce and roll.

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This Is How We Roll!

  1. To start, you’ll take off your shoes, remove any sharp objects and crawl through the opening in the Giant Inflatable Ball to get inside. All players must wear socks while in the Hamster Ball.
  2. Making sure that the opening stay on your sides, start crawling, walking or running in the direction that you want to move. You can even do flips and tumbles to get the momentum going.
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