Highly recommend everyone to try the Huang Fei hong spicy peanuts, it's so fragrant! If you like spicy food, don't miss this delicious snack!

I am a peanut maniac, a variety of peanuts to eat non-stop. When I was in school, I hoarded a lot of huang fei hong spicy peanuts, and I have many friends around me. Peanuts no bad taste, very large, especially crisp, chewing desire a meet ~ chili crisp, bite open when the chili flavor mixed with grease fragrance, eat after the aftertaste, really quite excellent. The point is, its chili is very fragrant, but not spicy, my mother's ability to eat spicy is probably a negative number, but eat this will not be spicy at all, but also to eat addictive. I have also eaten other crispy peppers before, peanuts have oxidation taste, chili pepper only spicy flavor without flavor, chili pepper coating powder is too thick and particularly hard (after chewing a kind of mouth is cut painful feeling) and so on, so never eat more, and then rarely buy. But Huang Feihong this, to be honest, on my tasting experience, the above problems are not, not awkward blowing rainbow farts, truthful description, for your reference. Of course, the taste of such things is always private and unique, I only represent personal sharing, recommended to everyone ~

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