Is the Beelink U59 pro suitable for soft routing?

Q: Is the Beelink U59 pro suitable for soft routing?

The current solution I use is a combination of K2P+N1: k2p main route + N1 bypass route. The main requirement is to use AdGuardHome to remove internet ads. The N1 mounts a mobile hard drive to store some TV series for playback with SMB. The configuration is sufficient for the time being.

Now when I watch 4K HD video, MacBook Pro or iPhone13ProMax will appear lagging phenomenon, re-flash router firmware problem still exists, normal playback occasionally lagging, similar to cut off the stream.

I overlooked the introduction of beelink U59 pro on the Internet. I found that this machine has a compact size, has 2 Ethernet ports, and a good price. I think it is very suitable as a soft route for x86. Is there anyone using it? Or can there be any other better recommendation?

A: No problem with this one, I'm looking at this one too. This is an affordable compact MINi PC running full Windows 11 Pro and featuring upgradeable RAM (max 16 G DDR4) and storage (max 2T SSD), triple 4K display output and it's powered by an 11th gen Intel Jasper Lake Chipset. In case your needs are not particularly high, this machine I think is more suitable compared to others.

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